Electric starter kits and generators.

We have been installing the Alton electric starter kits for several years and we are impressed with the ease of installation, the quality of the components, and great performance in starting classics. We have installed them in Velocettes, Vincents, and Nortons and highly recommend them. Starter kits are available for Vincent Comets, Velocettes, and Norton Commando MKIIs.For more information go to:

Alton 12 volt A.C. generators replace the 3 inch dynamos fitted on British classic and vintage motorbikes. They are suitable on Vincent Twin & single, Velocette, Triumph Pre-Unit, MSA, AJS/Matchless Twin & single, Norton... While running at moderate cruising speeds they supply an output of 85 to 90 watts (maximum output of 150 watts) they supply sufficient energy to have lighting that conforms to modern expectations, coil ignition if you want it and a well-charged battery. For more information go to: