This was a late model custom XL1200C that we modified to look like an early 1970s Sportster. Notice correct wheels and trim.. All the classic looks but with good brakes, oil tight motor, and easy electric starting. The best of both worlds!
We also restore classic motorcycles. Here is a finished Velocette motor in a Rickman Road Race frame, the ultimate classic Cafe Racer!

Here is a total build we did using a 6 cylinder Honda CBX in a British Spondon alloy frame. The ultimate cafe racer!


1995 Buell Thunderbolt we did a total frame up restoration and added a lot of S&S speed parts to make it a FAST Buell.

IMG_6937 copy.jpeg

Here is a 1951 Vincent Blackshadow we did a total frame up show winning restoration starting from a box of parts.

Here is a CBX Honda modified as a tribute to the RC166 race bike of the 60s. Classic looks and very rideable.


A show winning restoration of a 1976 Triumph Trident

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1967 Velocette Thruxton we did a complete frame up restoration on.


And now for something completely different. This was a stock 2001 Harley Davidson Sportster that we converted into a serious dual sport bike...


This is a BSA Goldstar motor in a Norton Featherbed frame, a classic cafe racer build.

Here is a 500cc Velocette Venom being modified into a classic cafe racer

Another award winning custom build.

Here's a custom Norton Commando performance build.

Here is the start of a Triton Cafe Racer custom build. Features a pre-unit 650 Triumph motor with HD rods, sport cams, and a 750cc big bore kit. Gearbox has a later model 5 speed gear set in it. Soon to be added is a belt drive primary... More pictures to follow.


Velocette Venom Cafe Racer

IMG_0132 2.jpeg
Moto Martin CBX Honda
This was a very special build. A rebuilt performance 6 cal Honda CBX motor in a custom built Moto Martin frame with GSXR swing arm, wheels, forks and brakes..  Sounds incredible..
Here is something completely different... A 1951 Matchless G80CS being rebuilt and restored for competition in classic trials events...
Classic BSA Cafe Racer
This is a 1960 BSA DBD34 Goldstar 500cc motor installed in a Norton Featherbed frame. It is a fully built performance motor, Gearbox has a 5 speed gears in it. Front forks are Roadholder forks. Front brake is a Gremeca 4LS brake and rear is a conical hub Triumph brake. The ultimate in the classic look.

Heading 2

Here is a 1951 Vincent Black Shadow that came to us. It hadn't run in 30 years! We completely serviced it, made a few repairs, and up dated it with an electric starter and electronic ignition. Now it runs great. Here is video showing it cruising threw the country side...